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So I have this theory... I mean most of us have our theories, you… - Active shadows [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|08:32 pm]
Active shadows


So I have this theory...
I mean most of us have our theories, you know random stuff that we all believe in.
Well even i think my one is actually true, though i do not have any reasonable reasearch backing for it as of now.
my point is that i am not trying to establish a link..all i am saying is that this works for me and i want to know if it works for people in general. so random people out there..if you feel that this is applicable to you then please do let me know...
also if anyone has any psychological literature available on the topic please mail it to me...

it would be interesting to know whether this works for other people or are there sny studies conducted on this.

anyways so this is my hypothesis or rather psuedo hypothesis...
" dressing well increases your confidence level...which makes you less anxious...which leads to better cognitive resources being available for other more important tasks..indirectly leading to better performance"

thanks :)